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Measured Building Survey

Using our experience


When asked by our customers to provide a measured survey of a building we initially assess the building structure in order to find the quickest and most accurate method to provide you with a cost effective solution. We have a wealth of experience of measured building surveys from domestic homes to schools, hospitals and retail stores. We can provide you with remote surveying techniques for sensitive or inaccessible detail, by using laser scanning or reflectorless total stations.

We provide you with detailed accurate plans to the appropriate scale, quickly and efficiently in order to help you keep to tight schedules.

Floor Plans

Floor plans can be provided for any building from small residential to larger and more complex premises. All buildings are surveyed using Leica survey equipment coupled with MBS software, which enables us to accurately measure the internal layout. The level of information shown on floor plans depends entirely on your needs and what you wish to be shown. This can range from the basic layout of walls, windows and doors, through to all fixtures and fittings including electrical socket positions, lights and switches.

Elevation Plans

We can provide you with elevation detail using a reflectorless total station or high definition laser scanner. The amount of information shown on elevation drawings can vary from basic line work to full architectural detail. We can also provide street scene elevations, which are often now a planning requirement, and these can be done without needing access to the property.

Cross Sections

Section drawings can be produced through any part of a building, and they normally show section information along the cut-line, the position of which can be determined by you so that the section contains all the information you require for your design purposes. Full architectural detail can be shown in elevation behind the section line, showing cornices, architraves etc.

Ceiling Plans

Reflected ceiling plans can be provided which show all ceiling detail at the same orientation as the floor plan associated with it. The amount of detail plotted on the plan is tailored to your requirements, showing ceiling features from bulkheads, soffits, tile grids and electrical fixtures to architectural detail such as mouldings and cornices. Using remote surveying techniques there is no need for our surveyors to cause disruption with ladders etc.