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Engineering Surveys & Setting-Out

Catering for both Commercial and Private Clients

Engineering Surveys & Setting-Out

At CDS we have vast experience in engineering surveying and we use the latest technology available to provide you with an accurate and cost effective service. All of our surveyors have the appropriate safepass cards, ensuring access to all sites. All of our work is also covered by the appropriate levels of Professional Indemnity Insurance, and we provide free advice and consultation on any project.

Volumetric Surveys

For any project requiring a calculation of earthworks volumes, 3D digital terrain models can be created from survey data in a number of formats in order to provide accurate areas and volumes for cut/fill balancing.

We provide accurate data in the form of section and profile drawings and spreadsheet reports which not only provide you with confidence, but can help to reduce delays on site. Our drawings show areas of cut and fill which will give you a better interpretation of the earthworks project and can be exported into a number of software packages to suit your needs.

Monitoring and Deformation Surveys

We use the latest equipment and surveying techniques in order to determine movements in structures, land settlement and deformations within the structure of a building. We can provide you with:

  • A detailed programme for surveying methodology, risk assessments and reporting of results.

  • The very latest surveying equipment achieving the highest accuracies attainable.

  • An automated 24/7 monitoring systems to measure certain points at specified times.

  • Data presented in a variety of formats, from reports, spreadsheets to survey drawings for best interpretation.